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The film about the most mysterious space object

The well-known photo of the black hole caused a great stir in the network six months ago, however, the researchers decided to go further. An international group of scientists announced the creation of a full-fledged film about one of the main mysteries of space.

Using the Event Horizon network of telescopes, astrophysicists have already collected the necessary data, which are processed to create the first video involving a black hole, phys.org reports.

The head of the project, Shep Doulman, noted that at the end of the next decade it will be possible to shoot high-quality films about black holes in real time, which will help to better understand how they look and how they act on the space scene. In 2020, it is planned to show the film on a large screen.

Earlier, we reported that a large group of scientists was awarded the Breakthrough in Fundamental Physics award, receiving $ 3 million and the so-called Science Oscar for the picture published in April.

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