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4 Sep  2019 1167

No flashes visible

Scientists from the laboratory of the X-ray Academy of the Sun of the Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences published an article on alarmingly low solar activity.

Sun flares - artistic image. Source - NASA

Over the past summer of 2019, not a single solar flare was recorded.The last very weak burst of energy was recorded in May 2019. Such a sharp decrease in the number of solar flares is one of the most characteristic signs of a minimum solar cycle, along with a decrease in the number of sunspots.

The almost complete disappearance of the magnetic field, without which the activity of the Sun is impossible, is the main reason for the absence of bursts. Unlike the Earth’s magnetic field, the field of the Sun is pronounced variable.

Since this solar "pulse" has been beating before our eyes for 300 years (this is how many continuous observations of the Sun have been conducted), it is obvious that any of its failures are alarming.
What is more disturbing is the alleged consequences that could affect the level of light, the spectrum of radiation and, ultimately, the climate of our planet.

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