01 December 2020

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About us

Pravda Vostoka is online media, part of Pravda Vostoka newspaper under Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

We have a wide thematic spectrum with news and articles ​​on various topics both in Russian and Uzbek languages. We are focused on prompt and high-quality coverage of current events.

Here you will also find the articles of the Pravda Vostoka newspaper, which has stepped over a hundred-year milestone. "PV" is published five times a week. Since 1917, it captures the brightest moments of history. We are proud of our authors who put their heart to their work.

The newspaper is changing. People often say it is no longer the same. And it is. The new media "Pravda Vostoka" is a reflection of the dynamics, your compass in the event element. We have a place in the first row. Join now!

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