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30 Sep  2019 763

A drone with a nail gun

It was learned that a team from the University of Michigan, which engaged in robotics, was able to build a drone with built-in nail guns. According to the inventor's idea, they developed the UAV must beg roof process - now a person does not have to climb to a height and use dangerous tools a few meters from the ground.

The inventors have written a special algorithm that allowed drone fly and shoot nails without any human intervention - the whole process is completely offline. The only drawback of the invention may be mentioned its autonomy - currently the UAV is able to work more than 10 minutes on a single charge.

According to engineers, they are sure will bring the project to fruition. So, according to their plans, they will replace the tool to an air gun, and the unit will add a special cable for increased autonomy, as well as the navigation system in the space based on machine vision.


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