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A special center will be created at the khokimiyat of the city of Tashkent to manage a complex adapted for temporary quarantine

The Government adopted the Resolution “On additional organizational measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

In accordance with the document, a special center will be formed at the khokimiyat of the city of Tashkent to manage the complex, adapted for temporary quarantine of persons suspected of being infected with coronavirus infection.

One of the main tasks of the Quarantine Center is the organization of admission, maintenance and release from the quarantine complex of persons suspected of being infected with a coronavirus infection.

The quarantine center is a structural unit of the khokimiyat of the city of Tashkent in the form of a state unitary enterprise with the status of a legal entity.

The director of the quarantine center is appointed and dismissed by the khokim of the city of Tashkent in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

Specialists, personnel and military personnel are attached to the quarantine complex, who carry out their labor and official activities with a separation from the main place of work and maintaining the monthly wage (cash allowance).

The resolution approved the Regulation on the temporary procedure for the implementation of anti-epidemic measures in this complex.

In accordance with the regulation, passengers passing through border customs posts undergo border and customs control after the initial medical examination at sanitary quarantine points.

Based on this, a list of people crossing the border is formed and sent to the center by electronic communication.

On the basis of this list, the center ensures the allocation in the quarantine complex of the appropriate premises to accommodate persons placed under quarantine.

The Regulation establishes the procedure for placement in the quarantine complex.

Persons quarantined are kept in the quarantine complex for 14 days or for a period determined by the health authorities in accordance with the health status of the quarantined person.

Cellphones, audio and video devices, credit cards and other storage media owned by persons under quarantine are seized.

Persons who are in quarantine are prohibited from receiving postal items, parcels, or packages of any kind from the outside, with the exception of the following items:
- medicines for chronically sick persons placed under quarantine;
- special dietary products as recommended by the attending physician;
- food for children and necessary hygiene products;
- additional hygiene items, clothing, and literature.

Control over persons held in the quarantine complex is carried out by duty groups, which are organized as part of employees of the internal affairs bodies and the National Guard, as well as employees of the quarantine complex.

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