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Amazing creature lives in Paris zoo

It does not have a brain, but it solves the problems and share knowledge. No mouth, stomach and eye - shows food and digests it. No limbs - moves. Recovering in two minutes if it is cut in half. And it hates salt.

The new inhabitant of the zoo called "straw." Yellow body moves at a speed of 4 cm per hour and has a ... 720 sexes The Guardian informs.

The official name of the organism - Physarum polycephalum ( "many-slime"), it is a kind of mucosal yellow mold, has the properties and animals and fungi, but is neither one nor the other.
"Drop" - a living creature, one of the mysteries of nature. We do not know what it is, "- said the director of the Paris Museum of Natural History Bruno David, adding that the creature lives and grows in humid forest undergrowth away from light.

"She behaves like a beast and can learn if we put it in a maze, she will learn to choose the shortest way out of the maze in search of food." - David said.
The organism is also able to pass on their knowledge to other individuals of their species. Scientists have found that the "drop" hates salt. And if you put it in front of the salt barrier, she will rush through it immediately, even if there is food for them. Instead, she will learn to get it and will do it faster each time. And when you combine the two "drops" together, the one that has received this knowledge, give them to another.

"Drop" virtually immortal: Danger to represent her only light or drought, but in this case it does not die, but only becomes dormant. When favorable conditions return the body wakes up again.
This is the first case where scantily being will be on display at the zoo.

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