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28 Mar  2019 5337

Uzbekistan’s major energy player Uzbekenergo JSC reorganized

President of Uzbekistan has signed a Decree on the further development and reform of the electric power industry.

According to it,  Uzbekenergo JSC is reorganized into separate companies in charge of producing and transporting the electricity.   

“Thermal Power Plants”  Joint Stock Company  will manage thermal power plants and power plants that generate electricity and heat.

Instead of  Uzelektroset UE and the Energosotish branch of Uzbekenergo JSC, the “National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” JSC was established.

“Regional Electric Grids” JSC is the one in charge of the territorial electrical networks that distribute and sell electrical energy to consumers.

The Project Office under the Ministry of Energy has been established. It is going to act as the working body of the Commission for the Reform of the Electric Power Industry, formed by the Presidential Decree dated October 23, 2018. The maximum management staff is 20 units.  It will be financed from the Extrabudgetary Fund for the development of the fuel and energy industry.

In accordance with the decree, it is determined that the Project Office is headed by the Deputy Minister of Energy in charge of the electricity industry.

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