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11 Nov  2019 1128

Australia: Reserve with koalas has burned

In the Australian state of New South Wales raging wildfires. At least three people were killed and seven missing. The victims of fires have also become approximately 350 koala.

Portal pv.uz/Pravda Vostoka/ November 11. More than 30 local residents were injured. According to the regional fire service, in the state recorded more than 80 fires, 36 of them are non-localized, reports Euronews.

In the 4 districts of the state declared an emergency for 16 issued a warning about the preparations for the evacuation. Fire destroyed 150 houses, a number of administrative buildings, thousands of hectares of forest, including - in the densely populated habitat of koalas. According to preliminary estimates, the victims of the forest fires are already about 350 marsupials, with their total number in the reserve ranges from 500 to 600. To fight the fire mobilized over a thousand firefighters and 300 units of special equipment.

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