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Bakhshi International Art Festival kicks off in Termez today

 Yesterday guests and participants of the traditional music festival have arrived in Termez and received a warm welcome from local musicians and young artists.

  The first Bakhshi International Art Festival is organized in the center of Surkhandarya region, Termez, a city with historical roots and rich traditions. From now on, it will host a festival traditionally once every two years.

The Bakhshi International Art Festival has recieved UNESCO patronage for safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.

  Over 300 guests from 75 countries will take part in the international festival along with representatives of Uzbekistan and admirers of the bakhshi art. Almost five thousand seats have been installed for the viewers.  

Along with the International Bakhshi competition, cultural, enlightenment and entertainment events take place on the sidelines of the festival.  An international scientific conference will discuss means of safeguarding traditional music art, six tourism destinations across the region are ready to receive guests, who want to see historical monuments and sights. During the festival, the best folklore and ethnographic ensembles of the region will perform. Bakhshi and more than a hundred artists from local cultural centers will present their best works.

The winners of the I International Bakhshi contest will be awarded with diplomas, festival statuettes and cash prizes.

Guests can not only enjoy the traditional music, but also to sharp the knowledge of the history of Uzbekistan and Uzbek traditional art – dozens of tourist booklets, brochures about bakhshi art and a tourist map of Termez in Uzbek, Russian and English are prepared for the participants of the event. Two books have been released about the history and culture of the region, the art of bakhshi, 6 types of booklets, Ancient Termez and Modern Termez photo albums, separate editions of dastans of bakhshi Shoberdi Boltayev, Abdunazar Poyonov, the poet Umir and Avliyokul Mardonakul ugli are published.  

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