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Uzbekistan in world media
6 Nov  2019 996

BILD: Uzbekistan - the best direction for travel

The site of the popular German newspaper "Bild" published an article "The best direction to travel to the next year." The material is devoted to the annual rating «Best in Travel» publishing house «Lonely Planet» - leader in travel guides release.

Each of the areas included in the rating is estimated by experts on the basis of factors of relevance and the place unique experience that it is the tourists, as well as the so-called, wow-factor - an instant attraction sites and its ability to cause surprise and interest in the first few seconds.

In the category "Regions and value for money" first place in the ranking took a part of the Great Silk Road, which runs through Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
"This region, once rich at the expense of global trade and travel, once again became the focus of world attention. He became much more accessible: this also applies to visa regimes, and air traffic, and infrastructure "- said in a statement the publication.

Topped the rating of «Best in Travel», the direction of the Great Silk Road has surpassed such world-famous tourist destinations such as Tuscany Italian, Japanese Tohoku region, the US state of Maine, the volcanic island of Lord Howe in Australia and many others, said the news agency "Dunyo".

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