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British publication estimated the tourism potential of Uzbekistan

On the official website edition inews.co.uk published an article about why you should travel to our country.

"Uzbekistan is ready for tourism" boom "in 2020 from the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road, beautiful art and magnificent architecture. Perhaps, Central Asia is not included in the list of destinations where you plan to go, but this is still a great place to travel, "- wrote Martin Kent in his article.

The article notes that Uzbekistan is changing rapidly, and in the country carried out a series of reforms in order to attract even more tourists to the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road.

"While the high-speed rail link is improved, and new airlines to operate, the majority of citizens, including the British, visas are not required. From 2017 to 2018 the number of tourists increased to 5.3 million people, "- the author writes. Also in the city center, next to the hotel "Uzbekistan", a statue of Amir Temur.

Metro network, built in 1977, was named the "photographer's dream." At the same time, the price of the fare and attracting the attention of the metro station also did not go unheeded.

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