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Bukhara welcomes tourists

During the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visit to the Bukhara region last February, specific tasks were set for the further development of the ancient region’s tourist industry, including improvement of infrastructure and    quality of the services provided.

The President’s decree on measures to accelerate the tourist potential development of the city of Bukhara and the Bukhara region for 2017-2019 dated May 19, 2017 approved a program of activities including construction of modern hotel complexes, the opening of new tourist routes, the development of various tourism destinations and more.

As part of its implementation, in the first nine months of 2018, 12 new hotels and 26 guesthouses were built and put into operation. That rose hotels’ total number to 124. They can accept 3963 people simultaneously. Particular attention is paid to  attracting foreign investment in the field. The former inactive building of the hotel "Zarafshan" in Bukhara was transferred at a "zero" redemption value to the Chinese Beston Machinery". Another large hotel complex "Bukhara Palace" was handed over to the UK partners.

Foreign investors started creating modern hotels. Indian Metric Ventures is going to build the hotel complex and recreation area in Bukhara on the 2.7 hectares of allocated land. In the next two years, such establishments will be able to receive up to ten thousand tourists daily.

Ancient Bukhara tourist zone is going appear on 12 hectares in the historic part of the city. In order to provide a meaningful holiday for guests from abroad, the It will accommodate comfortable hotels, an amphitheater, shopping malls, craftsmen workshops. A project of modern shopping center for artisans at the site of the former Shahristan market was prepared in collaboration with the Turkish company Iris Engineering.

French partners prepare a tourist object on the water tower in the old city part. It will offer a colorful panorama of Bukhara from the bird's eye view. Tourists and guests will be able see many sights, majestic monuments, modern buildings and facilities.

Based on President Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructions the memorial complexes of the Seven Saints Pirs, large-scale reconstruction is taking place in the allocated territory. A modern infrastructure should contribute the pilgrim tourism.

Along with this, other promising industries are gaining momentum. For example, eco-tourism admirers are welcome to have an unforgettable journey to the Djeyran eco-center in Karaulbazar district, Lake Karakyr in the Peshkun offers opportunities for beach relaxation and sports. Those interested in agro-tourism can enjoy collecting generous gifts of nature from the sunny land, and even take part in it. Local chefs of oriental cuisine offer a wide selection of national dishes and sweets. Various theatrical performances, festivals, competitions with the participation of folk groups, masters of folk art are going to take place all year round. In the festivities dedicated to Navruz,  Eastern dishes festival, Festival of melon and honey, Silk and spices, Nasreddin Afandi and other events are attended by thousands of compatriots and foreign tourists.

 - Every year the flow of guests to ancient Bukhara is growing, - sais the deputy khokim of the region for the tourism development, Botir Shakhriyorov. - January to September this year only, 2.1 million tourists (including 232 thousand people coming from abroad) visited Bukhara. Compared to the same period of 2017, the figure increased by 1.8 times. Services rendered to them amounted to 125.3 million dollars. By the end of the year, over 36 thousand tourists from the countries of near and far abroad will visit Bukhara - the relevant agreements were reached during the international tourism fairs and exhibitions.

Karim Abdurakhimov. 

"Pravda Vostoka" correspondent. 

Bukhara region. 


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