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By the end of 2023 in Uzbekistan will build a hydroelectric power station with capacity of 25 megawatts

The Asian Development Bank has approved a loan of 60 million USD. for the construction of hydroelectric power plants with capacity of 25 megawatts (MW), which will allow the Government of Uzbekistan to diversify the country's energy balance through greater use of clean energy and reduce carbon emissions.

"ADB's assistance in the construction of hydroelectric power station will contribute to the Uzbekistan goal of a cleaner and more sustainable energy future", - said the ADB Energy Specialist in Central and West Asia Seng Duck Kim. "An integrated approach to high-quality design of the project, the international practice in the field of ecology and protection measures as well as measures of resistance to climate change is a template for a similar development of hydropower projects in Uzbekistan."

Uzbekistan is rich in renewable energy resources, including hydropower. Hitherto, there has been used only 1.9 gigawatts (GW) or 20% of the available potential hydroelectric.

The project will be built hydropower plants with a total capacity of 25 MW. Only one power plant of 6 MW will be built in Rabat, one power plant of 8 MW in Chappasui, one power plant of 10 MW in Tamshusu and three mini / micro-hydro power plants with total capacity of 1 MW. Mini / micro hydropower plant will ensure the efficient use of water resources, including from recycled water from dams or irrigation channels, and can be an alternative source of electricity in rural and remote areas.

An executive agency of the project will be a joint-stock company "Uzbekgidroenergo", is a central department for supervision over the implementation of the government investment program of $ 2.6 billion, aimed at increasing the country's hydro power up to 1600 MW by 2030. ADB will also help to improve the institutional capacity and corporate governance "Uzbekgidroenergo" throughout the project.

The total project cost is $ 75.3 million dollars, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

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