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Lightning control

A group of European researchers develops technology that can negate the inherent risks of a lightning strike.

Photo ru.euronews.com

Zentis - the highest mountain of the Alpshtayn massif in the northeast of Switzerland and an important testing ground, where the observatory placed devices that record weather events, with particular emphasis on thunderstorms and lightning. After all, every year from lightning strikes in the world dies from 6 to 24 thousand people, shocks also lead to power outages, disruption of city services, forest fires.

Scientists explain: "These studies are needed to develop models to simulate lightning strike and build the best options for protection." The focus of attention - a technology that allows controlled to cause the lightning with a laser beam, directing the discharge along a predetermined path. Set the desired trajectory of the electric charge in the atmosphere, thus avoiding lightning strike in the homes, as well as in high-risk facilities - power plants and airports.

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