28 November 2020

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Domestic quarantine rules have been established

The Government Resolution approved the Regulation on the temporary procedure for placement during quarantine at home of persons suspected of being infected with a coronavirus infection.

According to the regulation, upon detection of a person who has a coronavirus infection, employees of the centers for sanitary and epidemiological welfare and internal affairs bodies immediately compile a list of people with whom a person who has had a coronavirus infection could be in contact.

The internal affairs bodies, along with the bodies of the National Guard, ensure the placement and maintenance of persons included in the list of persons in direct contact under quarantine at home.

Contactees are kept under quarantine at home for 14 days or for a period determined by the health authorities in accordance with the state of health of the quarantined person.

In case of domestic quarantine at home, all persons living in the same house are quarantined domestically.

Persons placed under quarantine at home are strictly prohibited from leaving their homes during the quarantine period, with the exception of cases involving the provision of emergency medical care.

In case of detection of coronavirus infection in other persons living together with a person placed under quarantine at home, the quarantine period for other persons begins anew.

Persons quarantined at home during the quarantine period are examined by medical personnel for 2 times daily. In this case, the first inspection should be carried out before 9:00, and the second inspection until 16:00.

Local government authorities provide weekly disinfecting activities around a quarantined house (apartment).

If a coronavirus infection is not detected in persons quarantined at home, the health authorities decide to remove them from home quarantine.

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