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EBRD: Experience with the implementation of PPP projects

The PPP Agency held a meeting with representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to assist in the development of public infrastructure in the country.

Portal pv.uz /Pravda Vostoka/ November 13. Bank representatives told about international experience in sustainable infrastructure development and provided information on the current PPP projects in the field of energy, transport and health.

The meeting discussed the development of the road sector strategy and transport sector master plan for the period 2020-2030, the need for analysis of the republic's transport potential. Particular attention is paid to the development of alternative methods of financing transport infrastructure.

The differences between the key components of road facilities, the existing restrictions and prevent the objectives define PPP advantages and features that can be transferred to the private sector.
Director of Development of sustainable infrastructure and training EBRD Matthew Jordan-Tank expressed readiness to provide assistance and full support for the development of the road sector and the transport sector in Uzbekistan, including with the use of PPPs.

This trend in the transport sector, as the road sector requires large investments. To date, 98% of goods transported (about 1 billion tons per year) and 88% of passengers.
Due to large investments in road maintenance road quality improves significantly. But 70,000 km still in need of substantial repair.

A key motivation for the use of PPPs in the transport sector is that under the right conditions the PPP can mobilize additional sources of financing infrastructure. PPP also provides the possibility of obtaining long-term benefits by improving the quality and delivery of services. For motorways it is usually achieved by increasing the reliability of the access and / or reduction of travel time and operating costs for vehicles.

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