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Family guest houses in Uzbekistan received more than 4,000 tourists in 2018

As Uzbekistan awaits for the tourism boom this year due to the relaxed visa regime, the industry might show a dramatic growth.

According to the State Committee for Tourism Development, there are 137 active guest houses across Uzbekistan that can accommodate about 1128 tourists. Most of them have opened within the last year.  

 Samarkand is the leader– there are 25 family guest houses receiving guests in the region. Kashkadarya and Tashkent region both have 22 guest houses, while Tashkent hosts 10, Khorezm and Djizak regions - 8, Navoi region 6, and 5 family guest houses running in Karakalpakstan. Fergana Valley is outsider – only 3 uzbek airbnb-style facilities running in the Fergana region, and only one in Andijan.

Last year the legal framework for the registartion of the family guest house has been eased significantly. Those eager to manage small family hotel can apply for soft loans.

Meanwhile family guest houses can accommodate up to 10 tourists if the building allows. They are supposed to provide guests with accommodation and meals, as well as introduce an outlook of Uzbek traditions.

Photo credits to UzA.

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