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"Foggy" prospects for english green technologies

Thousands of people in England who have bought solar panels complain about the lack of promised savings

Photo by BBC News

According to BBC News, complaints literally swept the financial services ombudsman. People took large loans to buy solar panels in the hope that this would save thousands of pounds in energy costs. However, the costs were inversely proportional to the amount of energy generated.

Residents of England were urged to take loans in the amount of 10,000 pounds for 10 years. Then it turned out that the vaunted solar panels do not provide the proper amount of energy at home. Now the owners of grief panels have to pay loans either from their savings, or get into debt. PV Solar UK, the company responsible for the manufacture of this energy-efficient equipment, has been liquidated. The former director declined to be interviewed.

Another firm, My Planet, assured its customers that they could save up to £ 30,000. But, as in the case of PV Solar UK, the purchase brought some disappointments: the panels overheated, which caused equipment to spoil in the house, which also required a small amount to be repaired. Although the director of My Planet assured that all calculations were carried out taking into account a strict methodology, the company suffered the fate of its predecessor.

Debbie Enever of the Financial Ombudsman said: “We currently have about 2,000 complaints about solar panels, and there are even more complaints every week.”
Loans for solar panels were obtained through Barclays Bank, which assured: “We always strive to ensure that customers are satisfied with our financial products. Where customers have reason to complain, we will examine each case individually. ” The bank has allocated £ 38 million to compensate, but something suggests that this will not be enough.

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