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German residents for green technology

Sales of electric bicycles in Germany are gaining momentum - in 2018, 40,000 such vehicles were sold, which is 2 times more than a year earlier.

Climate change is the main concern of the Germans, opinion polls show. At the same time, government subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles did not gain the expected popularity. E-bike sales are much more successful.

Three-wheeled vehicles with a large cargo basket that can accommodate children, pets and purchases make such vehicles especially popular among parents, reports Euronews.

Folding bicycles and tandem bicycles have also become an integral part of the daily life of many European cities. They select special accessories - glasses, helmets and clothes. There are, for example, special helmets with memory chips and sensors that can send SMS in case of emergency and even store the cyclist’s medical data.

Earlier we wrote about how the Germans advocated an increase in airfare prices in order to try to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

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