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5 Mar  2019 4537

Registan Square is to hold daily 3D laser shows

Samarkand region authorities approved roadmap for further development of tourist infrastructure and tourism infrastructure of Samarkand region.

One of the events included is holding the daily 3D laser shows on Registan Square.

The document also states that there will be Uloq-kupkari festival in March, November and December in Samarkand region, and Kishmish festival on September 7th.

In addition, each district has scheduled a number of events to be held. This way it’s known that Urgut district will organize the festival of national dishes on March, 7.  Samarkand is to host sumalak festival on March 14 in the Nodirdevonbegi madrassah, Taylak district holds festival of spring cuisine on March 15, and Oksoy village in Nurobod district organizes kurash competition on March 22.

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