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High tech agriculture

Experts of the "Pantheon" European Research Project solve the problem of more individual care for farmland

Agronomist Valerio Cristofori explains: “Precision farming allows targeted care of plants - at the right time, in a dosage adapted to planting needs. This approach is not applied today in traditional agriculture.”
Determining the specific needs of plants is time consuming if delegated to people. Robots do the job much faster.

Using a laser scanner, robots are able to collect data, then perform three-dimensional geometric modeling. Also, with the help of cameras, robo-agronomers produce multispectral images with high resolution. This helps to evaluate the health status of each tree.

The collected data flows into a single computer system, which is also developed by the European research project. The user-friendly interface provides farmers with information about the weather and the state of plant health - making it easier for experts to make the right and timely decisions.

researchers are sure, that such projects will not replace farmers completely, but will make their work easier and more efficient,  .

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