28 November 2020

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30 Mar  2020 499

Imported apple seedlings infected with harmful microorganisms destroyed

A quarantine check of 23 thousand 200 apple seedlings imported from Turkey was carried out in Bukhoro 2 quarantine zone of Bukhara region. Due to the suspicion that these seedlings contain agricultural pests, they were sent to the central laboratory of the State Plant Quarantine Inspectorate.

According to the results, it was found that there are harmful organisms – convex nematodes in the seedlings, necessary measures were adopted.

In accordance with the submission of Uzdavkarantin Inspection, quarantine was declared in the territory where the apple seedlings were imported. At the same time, at a special training ground of Bukhara Regional Department for Ecology and Environmental Protection, these imported products were destroyed by burning with participation of responsible persons.

According to the Article 29 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Plant Quarantine”, entrepreneurs importing quarantined products are required to provide a quarantine permit, phytosanitary certificate or certificate issued by the state plant quarantine and plant protection authorities of the exporting country.

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