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30 Sep  2019 722

The testing of the hydrogen passenger plane in Britain

The corresponding project is being implemented ZeroAvia professionals paired with the Cranfield University

The aircraft is designed for six seats, and the financing of the project deals with the local Ministry of Transport. Hydrogen vessels are among the most environmentally friendly as their operation is almost no harm to the environment. Creation of such a liner is carried out within the project HyFlyer.

While the exact date of the beginning of the tests was not disclosed, but the plane will have to overcome more than 500 km.

If testing is successful, in ZeroAvia intend to organize the sale of hydrogen propulsion. The last will be possible to install on passenger vessels with total capacity of 10-22 person, but the implementation of the plan will take place no earlier than 2022.

£5.3 million of government funding has been awarded to the HyFlyer project

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