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2 Dec  2019 1096

Investors! It's planning the creation of modern business and residential centers of «Bukhara City»

In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated July 8, 2019 it is planned to create a modern business and residential complex «Bukhara City» in Bukhara.

The complex will be built on 83 hectares - under inefficiently used buildings and structures in areas adjacent to streets Hafiz Tanisha Bukhari, Zulfiya, Kayum Murtazoyev, Ibrahim street Manufacturers Muminov and the city of Bukhara.

For a thorough preparation of the general plan of the complex as a project manager to involve Turkish companies «Studio Vertebra», as well as other leading design organizations in the field of construction.
Construction of business centers, hotels, banks, offices, retail, residential and other facilities in the project area will be carried out at the expense of investors and other sources.

An interest to investors will give a presentation of hotel projects.

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