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8 Aug  2019 1591

Japan is preparing for robotization

Japanese high technology will reach a new level by 2050

According to the Techcult portal, Japan is preparing to launch an extensive innovation stimulation program until 2050. The search for new solutions will take place not only in Japan, but also around the world. $ 1 billion every five years - this is the price that the Japanese are willing to pay for the implementation of their plans.

It is proposed to robotize all industries, including the creation of autonomous robots that completely replace humans in agriculture, mining and on the roads. They will be controlled by artificial intelligence, a “digital mind” that is much more developed than modern neural networks. As planned by the authors of the initiative, the AI ​​will make new discoveries worthy of the Nobel Prize by 2050.
The issue of aging will also be addressed through cyborgization and hibernation. Cybernetic implants will be installed for older people, allowing the elderly to become useful members of society again, and hibernation will extend their life by introducing them into artificial sleep. Ocean pollution from a catastrophe can become a new source of raw materials, which will allow to kill two birds with one stone: to solve the environmental problem and improve the economy.

All projects will be prioritized, and new research applications will be accepted at the end of the year.

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