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17 Apr  2019 1773

Finland joins in the decision of the waste disposal issues in Jizzakh region

Since June 2018, NAPM in cooperation with experts from the Finnish Water Forum has been conducting a study of JizzakH and surrounding areas to identify key problems and develop solutions for waste management.

As NAPM manages the implementation of “Ilkor Hudood” (“Advanced Region”) project in the territory of Jizzakh region, it provides ways of restructuring the regional economy and industrial sphere, the renewal and expansion of the basic infrastructure, the creation of favorable conditions that encourage investment in this region.

As a result, together with the Kaukointernational Ltd, a project was prepared to modernize the waste management system in the Jizzakh region. It is known that 30% of the value will be granted by the Finnish government. Political consultations are scheduled for May, afterward the project is expected to be approved, and the preparation of project documentation will be completed in June.

The project is planned to be implemented in 2020-2022, it will allow developing a regional waste management plan, pilot waste collection in a specific enterprise or group of enterprises.

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