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Renting a car in Uzbekistan

Citizens and foreign tourists in Uzbekistan can rent a car for a period of up to 30 days without notarization and registration with the internal affairs bodies.


The press service of the State Committee for Tourism has explained what is needed for a short-term lease.

These services are provided by 23 companies, as well as the international "Sixt".

The written contract is required. If the lease has notarization, registration within internal affairs bodies is not required.

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution, the following are necessary:

- passport;

- driver's license of the person who will operate the vehicle (national or international standard);

- a certificate of medical examination (at the discretion of the lessor);

- confirmation of the security deposit (at the discretion of the lessor).

 The terms of the contract provide for the protection of the lessor’s rights, additional documents might be requested in case of disputable issues or high risks of contract violation.

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