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18 Jan  2019 2975

Active social response

Over 4180 opinions and suggestions have been received during the discussion of the Year of active investment and social development State program. Most of them were conveyed through regulation.uz and 2019.strategy.uz sites, the press service of this organization notes.

Written and oral requests of the participants of the various “roundtables” were also summarized. Representatives of ministries and departments, businessmen, experts took part in these events, and comments from international organizations were studied.

All received opinions and suggestions were studied by the working group and analyzed with the participation of experts. Proposals were divided into two groups in accordance with their content: on introducing changes and additions to the relevant points, and also on introducing additional articles into the draft of the State Program; on the submission of proposals to the National Commission for the implementation of the Uzbekistan Development Strategy 2017-2021.

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