04 August 2020

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10 Okt  2019 827

The lake "Urungach" and its surroundings declared as a hydrological monument of nature

Government Resolution "On regulation of the use of certain natural areas and objects Ugham-Chatkal State National Natural Park" have been accepted, according to the Ministry of Justice.

According to the decree, the lake "Urungach" and its surroundings declared as a state hydrological natural monument.

This natural monument is part of the territory of the State Forestry of Brichmulla and manage the economy without the seizure of land, with the prohibition of any activity adversely affecting the object.
In accordance with the resolution, preserving intact the natural lake "Urungach" and adjacent territory, reproduction and restoration of flora and fauna of the mountain ecosystem is one of the main tasks of the state of the hydrological natural monument "Urungach".

State Committee on Forestry to identify responsibilities for the execution of these tasks.

In the period up to March 1, 2020 will be an inventory of natural objects and complexes, including trees aged 100 years and above.

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