25 May 2020

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31 Mar  2020 159

Let's take a responsible approach to quarantine measures!

Head of the State Inspection of Sanitary Epidemiological Supervision under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chief Sanitary Inspector of Uzbekistan Nurmat Otabekov:

– The number of people infected with coronavirus in Uzbekistan has reached 158. According to data just received from the Scientific Research Institute of Virology, 22 patients undergoing treatment have clinical manifestations of pneumonia. Five patients are in a serious condition, and two are in a relatively serious condition. All patients are receiving medical procedures, each of them is under supervision.
Dear compatriots!
Today, more than 90 thousand citizens are under medical supervision in Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city. The disease can be detected among them. This means that pathogen is spreading throughout the country. Each of us must be vigilant and avoid contact. This will prevent the transmission of virus from one person to another. This is all temporary. Let's take a responsible approach to quarantine measures. The main thing is to patiently follow doctors’ recommendations, stay home, and thus take an active part in this mobilized work.

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