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Uzbekistan in world media
5 Jan  2020 1135

«L'Opinion» traced the development of Uzbekistan's economy

The leading French edition published an article by journalist Claude LeBlanc, dedicated to modern economic development of our country.

In the material, the author stresses that economic reforms in Uzbekistan are conducted in parallel with the process of democratization of state and society, as well as the favorable location in the Central Asian region, reports IA "Dunyo".

Speaking about the "economic revolution" in the country, the journalist of the newspaper «L'Opinion» notes that in Uzbekistan over the past 18 months, a number of key fiscal, monetary and economic reform, which is difficult to imagine the scale.

It is reported that the abolition of the monopoly on the export of fruit and vegetables have already contributed to the signing of an agreement to establish a joint venture between the Uzbek company «BMB Trade Group» and French «Advantage Central Asia» for the organization from 2020 exports to France Uzbek dried fruits in the amount of 500 thousand US dollars.

Marked improvement in the business climate of the country, which is a priority for Uzbekistan. "The efforts are beginning to bear fruit. For example, the report «Doing Business 2020", published in October by the World Bank, Uzbekistan named one of the most reforming countries in the world. It occupies 69 th place out of 190. Cancellation of visas to almost 90 countries of the world favors the exchange, the development of significant tourist potential and stimulate foreign investment, especially with its immediate neighbors, "- the article says.

The journalist writes that Uzbekistan intends to develop transport communications to re-take the path of prosperity, in the era of the Great Silk Road. "The development of the Trans-Afghan corridor is one of Tashkent's objectives, as evidenced by its investment in infrastructure and training of technical experts in Afghanistan. Imagine the economic benefit, if only 5% of goods traded between South Asia and Europe, will go this route. "

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