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Salary of preschool education system employees increased

Salary of workers in the system of preschool education has been increased.


This is stated in the government decree “On measures to further develop the system of mandatory one-year preparation of children for primary education”.

According to the document, starting from April 1, based on the number of kindergartens, the district and city preschool education departments will be divided into I, II and III groups.

Employees of the preschool education system will receive a salary based on the group category.

In addition, tariff coefficients of remuneration for employees of the preschool education system have changed.

In particular, teachers of preschool education system fall under Group I and they are paid in the range of 845,278 – 1,905,340 soums depending on their positions and qualifications.

Group II includes the district (city) preschool education department personnel and they are paid in the range of 2,326,553 – 1,022,197 soums.

Head of the preschool education institution falls under Group III and is paid in the range of 1,661,382 – 1,782,700 soums.

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