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8 Jan  2019 3354

MFA: tourists should control the timing of their visas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published information from the Consular and Legal Department regarding the two foreigners who could not leave Uzbekistan because their visas expired.

"PV" information:  At the weekend, a number of online media spread the information that foreign spouses could not leave Uzbekistan, as it turned out that their electronic visa expired before the return ticket was booked. Due to the visa regime violation, their hotel registration has been cancelled, and they faced the prospect of waiting for a court decision at the airport. The situation received a wide response, since the father of the victim according to the information resources, was about to invest a large sum in our economy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed in its statement that the procedure for issuing an "e-visa" implies that the system processes the questionnaire automatically according to the data entered by the applicant him\herself. The system is designed the way that it does not give an access to third parties, including consular staff. That is, the applicant enters personal data and terms of stay in Uzbekistan independently and no one can see or change this information.

The couple did submit questionnaires through this system and in three-days time received positive answers with the dates clearly indicated (January 4 and 5, since the spouses applied with a one-day difference) when they should leave Uzbekistan or legaly contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the visa extension.

The Foreign Ministry also recalled that, according to generally accepted international standards, tourists arriving in any country of the world are required to monitor the expiration date of their visas independently. A violation of the visa regime in any country entails administrative and often criminal consequences.

In addition, the Consular and Legal Department found out that tourists arrived in the country as tourists, and did not advertise their intentions to invest.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the court session will be held on January 8. After its decision, foreigners will be able to fly away.

It is known that meanwhile the couple were allowed to check in at the hotel.

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