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11 Feb  2019 2067

Ministry investigated illegal withholding of funds from teachers

The Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations investigated the case in the Amudarya district of Karakalpakstan, where money was withheld from teachers' salaries.

As it turned out, out of 5,154 teachers in 82 schools in the district, 3,115 found out that funds for electricity, natural gas, and drinking water out of salaries, were retained from their salaries without prior acknowledgement. Besides, not all of them had debts to pay for resources.  

The State Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of Karakalpakstan checked the work of the Amudarya District Public Education Department.

As a result, the facts of illegal holding of funds were confirmed. Deputy Head of the Amudarya Department of Public Education R. Matkurbanov and Chief Accountant of the Centralized Financial and Accounting Service M. Kalandarov have been severely fined due to violation of labor and labor protection legislation.

The State Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor of Karakalpakstan submitted a note to the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic for law violations of this kind should be prevented and eliminated.

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