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4 Sep  2019 3548

World rating: fixed internet speed in Uzbekistan is growing

According to the Speedtest.net service of the Ookla Irish company, Uzbekistan showed a relatively steady increase in the speed of fixed Internet, rising 4 positions up.

These are results of the monthly Speedtest Global Index, which contains data on the speed of mobile and wired Internet in the world according to the results of July 2019.

So, the average speed of wired Internet in our country has grown from 8.58 Mbit / s. in July 2018 to 18.92 Mbps in July 2019, taking the 112th place out of 177 in the overall rating.

But with the speed of mobile Internet, not everything is so good. Uzbekistan again worsened its position, dropping another 4 points and taking 136th place. Over the year, the speed in Uzbekistan, unlike other countries, practically did not increase.

Speedtest calculates the speed and generates a rating based on its own data received from users who use the service to check the speed of their connection.

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