22 September 2020

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1 Apr  2020 1440

Natural gas and gas condensate extracted from the restored well in Muynak

Overhaul of several wells is underway at Sharqiy-Berdaq field in Ustyurt Gas Production Directorate of Uzbekneftegaz JSC.
Activities were carried out in well No. 39. Water inflow isolation works were carried out by Uzneftegazquduqtamirlash JSC.
As a result of perforation work in the intervals of 1842-1845 m, 2005-2007 m, 2048-2053 m, an industrial gas inflow was obtained with a daily flow rate of 100-120 thousand cubic meters and 1 ton of gas condensate.
According to Uzbekneftegaz JSC, Sharqiy-Berdaq gas condensate field is located on the territory of Muynak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and was commissioned in 2002.

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