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The Germans demand an increase in airfare

Residents of Germany are seriously concerned about global warming and are striving to change their behavior.

A new term has appeared in German that has every chance of becoming the "Word of the Year 2019": Flugscham. Literal translation: "shame for the flight." We are talking about remorse that air passengers experience, realizing that every air trip they make leads to significant emissions of carbon dioxide CO2, which accelerates global warming and the destruction of the living environment on the planet.

Talking about the dangers of flying is a symptom of a growing environmental awareness, said Professor Marcel Hunecke, who studies the psychological aspects of environmental protection at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. The current discussions around Flugscham will be followed, the scientist is convinced, by a change or at least a correction of the behavior model of wide layers of society.
From different parts of Germany this summer, there were reports of applicants who refused to mark the end of school with a traditional collective flight on a low-cost airline somewhere to where they had fun.

One of the German activists told dpa that she was observing the "conscious intention" of future applicants to "change trains." Another activist demands the introduction of a tax on aviation kerosene to make air tickets more expensive, and lower prices for train tickets.

And what does German society think about this? It supports such requirements! In July, the ZDF television channel published the result of another survey - 71% of respondents spoke in favor of a “noticeable increase in airfare" for the sake of climate. So far, Germany is doing too little to protect it, while 63% of respondents say that.

It turns out that residents of Germany, who love to fly several times a year on vacation, are ready to bear the additional costs in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Is global climate really important to German tourists? Yes, it seems. 71% of respondents who participated in Germany this spring in a survey by Booking.com, an online hotel booking company, said that when planning travel, environmental considerations should be considered in order to save the planet for future generations.

A month earlier, the YouGov Sociological Institute asked the question: "How do you feel about the idea of ​​introducing climate protection as a state task into the Basic Law?" 34% answered "very good", 24% - "good", negatively and sharply negatively only 11% of respondents reacted to the amendment of the FRG Constitution.

So the people of Germany in various ways and from different sides are moving towards the goal of reducing CO2 emissions and generally reducing the use of fossil energy resources, and the abandonment of flights is not at all the main one.

By the way, before the German word Flugscham, at the beginning of 2018, a similar Swedish Flygskam appeared. Europe is beginning to take concrete steps - there is no spare planet.

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