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International cooperation
31 Mar  2020 166

New agreement on working with youth

In accordance with the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan of March 20, the country joined the Agreement on cooperation in working with youth of the CIS countries.

This agreement was adopted at the meeting of the CIS Intergovernmental Council in 2005 in Moscow, and at the meeting in 2011 in Minsk, the document was introduced amendments and formalized by a protocol. 

The agreement is aimed at developing cooperation in working with youth, supporting initiatives to accelerate mutual relations with government agencies and youth organizations. The parties are responsible for creating comfortable conditions for the implementation of these goals. This includes the development and implementation of interstate programs and individual projects, training professional personnel in working with youth, exchange of information and scientific research. 

The Council for working with youth of the CIS countries is functioning to coordinate cooperation youth policy. It is a body of intersectoral cooperation and is composed of authorized representatives of member countries, two specialists from each country. Plenipotentiaries are elected from relevant government agencies and youth public associations. Each state has one vote in the Council. 

Board meetings are held twice a year if necessary. An extraordinary meeting may be convened with the consent of at least one third of the members. Decisions are adopted by at least 2/3 of votes of those participating in the discussion of a relevant issue. Members of the council who disagree with the resolution may express their opinion, which shall be recorded in a protocol of a meeting.

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