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New rover will be tested in France

The European Space Agency has announced the completion of the assembly of the Rosalind Franklin rover for the ExoMars mission, which aims to detect traces of existing or past life on Mars.

Photo by www.invisionapp.com

The rover was built in the UK and sent to France for testing. It is necessary to find out how the equipment will work at temperatures up to minus 120 degrees Celsius in a Martian atmosphere with low pressure.

- This is a new project compared to previous missions to Mars, now we can access the planet earth at a depth of 1.5-2 m, - this is unprecedented. Scientists believe that there is a high probability of finding signs of life precisely under the surface of Mars, because it is sterilized under the influence of cosmic radiation, ”said Pietro Balloni, project manager for the ExoMars European Space Agency.

The launch of the Rosalind Franklin rover to Mars is scheduled for July-August 2020. It will be delivered to the Red Planet using the Russian landing module Cossack, which has already been sent for testing to Italy.

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