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Nobel laureate in сhemistry will give lectures in Uzbekistan

At the invitation of the Ministry "for the discovery of quasicrystals" Innovative development of Uzbekistan from the 3rd to November 9th Dan Shechtman, a professor at the Technion, Israel's leading technological university, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2011 will deliver lectures in our country.

Alma mater of professor named one of the ten universities with the highest percentage of Nobel laureates among the faculty and the only non-American university in this ranking. The program Professor Shechtman lectures at universities in Tashkent and Samarkand, visit IT park, the Center for Advanced Research in Uzbekistan, the first in Uzbekistan Presidential school for gifted children.

Professor Shechtman is worldwide active educational activities. Every year he visits dozens of universities around the world with lectures devoted not only chemistry, but also the development of the entrepreneurial spirit in young scientists. Particular attention is paid to the development professor "technology" businesses, which teaches engineers and scientists for over 25 years all over the world. According to the professor, technological entrepreneurship uniquely versatile. That it and its principles stand, the state needs educated people, especially scientists: engineers, doctors, experts in computer technologies. And in every country in which there are people who can promote and develop a business.

At his lectures, the professor talks about how it works in this area, and is divided adaptation experiences in different countries.
The scientist also expressed for the promotion of chemistry to society, closer contact universities and schools in the training of future chemists. "When people ask me what the area should conduct studies to become a Nobel laureate, I advise you to deal with biology, biochemistry and related sciences - shared Dan Shechtman. - This is such a complex and confusing area, which areas of research it is not enough for one generation. "

The first acquaintance with the professor academics and journalists of Uzbekistan took place in the past year - he gave a lecture to the winners «Start Haifa», which took place in December in the city of Haifa. Among the winners were the representatives of Uzbekistan - Dr. Amir Abidov. The visit of Professor undoubtedly contributes to the popularization of science among the youth of the country and development of the innovation ecosystem in Uzbekistan.

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