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19 Mar  2020 393

People with a hearing impairment want to communicate and be heard

A tripartite memorandum has been signed between the National Chamber of Innovative Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Social Unity (Ukraine) and Interactive Group FZC (UAE).

During the discussion of the project, the Chairman of the National Chamber Rovshan Izamov, members of the leadership of partner companies Yevgeny Okhrimenko and Vitaliy Potapchuk noted the wide functionality and prospects of the innovative project. It provides for the creation of necessary conditions for communication for hearing-impaired people. Translators Center created in Ukraine will help to see all the possibilities of the project. If the project receives appropriate support in Uzbekistan, the same center will be created in the country and its translators will translate into Uzbek and Russian to create a dialogue between people with hearing problems and those to whom they turn.

The National Chamber plans to present the project opportunities primarily to the heads of administrations throughout the country and, with its wide support, realize the dream of people with hearing impairments – the dream to communicate and be heard.

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