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11 Sep  2019 781

Polish archaeologists found ancient petroglyphs in Uzbekistan.

A group of Polish archaeologists working in Uzbekistan discovered a previously unknown cluster of cave paintings on the slopes of the high mountain valley of Kyzyl-Dara. Their age is estimated in millennia.

Researchers from the University of Warsaw have been excavating for several years in the Chatkal Mountains in northwestern Uzbekistan, Science in Poland reports. During this time, they were able to detect traces of several human sites, about 40 thousand years old. The new find surprised its location - on huge flat rocks located at an altitude of 2500 to 3100 meters above sea level. Dr. Malgozhata Kot, the head of the expedition, said that this is one of the highest places with rock art of this type in Uzbekistan.

"Local residents told us that not far from the site of our excavations on the rocks carved images are visible," says Dr. Kot. were completely unknown to scientists. "
Mostly ancient artists depicted animals. The most popular among them are mountain goats - images of this animal are more common than others.

According to scientists, the Siberian mountain goats are predominantly depicted on the rocks - this is the largest species on Earth, currently on the list of endangered. The length of the horns of these animals can reach almost 1.5 m, and the weight of males usually exceeds 100 kg.

Researchers note that petroglyphs are located in a remote place. Climbers helped find their archaeologists.

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