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President pays special attention to the economic efficiency and environmental safety of new enterprises

Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the progress of construction of new enterprises of Navoiazot joint-stock company.
Navoiazot is a large association, the enterprises of which produce more than 70 types of unique chemical products and employ 9,000 people.
Three major investment projects were planned to be implemented for modernizing and increasing production capacity in the system of the joint-stock company.
The Head of the state got acquainted with the construction of two of them – plants for the production of ammonia and urea, as well as nitric acid.

The total cost of the first project is 1 billion USD. Its implementation will allow to produce 660 thousand tons of ammonia and over 580 thousand tons of urea per year. About 500 jobs will be created.
The commissioning of the enterprise is scheduled for next year. It is expected to export products worth more than 136 million dollars a year.
Thanks to modern technologies, the new enterprise, which is being built in conjunction with a consortium of Japanese companies Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Corporation, will consume 735 million kilowatt hours less electricity per year, and carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced.
The President talked to workers and engineers of the plant. He noted that new enterprises are important for our economy, their activities will have a huge effect on development of many industries and improving the life of people.
Another large enterprise Navoiazot is a plant for production of nitric acid. The project worth 217 million USD is being implemented jointly with the Swiss company CASALE SA.
The production capacity of the plant under construction is 500 thousand tons of products per year. At the moment, installation of equipment continues, construction and installation work is coming to an end. The company is scheduled to be commissioned in February 2020, the first batch of products will be produced in March.
The new plant will replace the technically and morally obsolete nitric acid workshops, commissioned more than 55 years ago. Most importantly, the energy consumption for receiving 1 ton of products will be reduced by 18 times, harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere will be 150 thousand tons less.
The Head of the state emphasized that these factors will play an important role in protecting the environment, maintaining air cleanliness, and protecting the health of the region’s residents.
It should be noted that there are only two enterprises in the world like the one being built at Navoiazot – in France and the Czech Republic. The plant in Uzbekistan will become the third.

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