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The Solar System's record has been broken!

It was believed that the Jupiter has the greatest number of planetary satellites in our system. The figure is really impressive - 79 celestial bodies revolved around the giant. But more recently, scientists have discovered 20 new satellites of Jupiter's "neighbour" - Saturn. Now the second largest planet of the Solar System has 82 "moon", which is a new record among the planets.

According to the BBC, the discovery made a team of astronomers led by Scott Shepard of the Carnegie Institution in the US.

All findings have found 5 kilometers in diameter, with 17 of the 82 moons of Saturn move in the opposite rotation of the axis of the planet.

Some of the findings, according to scientists, it takes as much as 3 years for a complete turnover around the planet.

"The study of the orbits of the moons can reveal their origin, as well as information on conditions, which hosts Saturn during its formation," - Dr. Shepard said.

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