26 November 2020

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26 Mar  2020 522

Restrictions in the system of internal affairs

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs A. Ikramov sent a request to the chiefs of Internal Affairs Directorate.

According to his recommendation, the departments of migration and registration of citizenship of law enforcement bodies, as well as the state road safety service, from March 24 before special recommendations, temporarily suspend the reception of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign citizens and stateless persons, legal entities. Implementation of activities related to administrative practice, taking exams, registration and technical inspection of vehicles is suspended.

In urgent cases (passport, registration, visa, administrative practice, examinations, state registration and technical inspection of vehicles), citizens are admitted with the permission of the head of internal affairs bodies in compliance with sanitary standards in separate rooms.

Persons planning after March 24, 2020 to apply to the migration and citizenship offices for obtaining a passport, exchange, registration, extension of visa and residence permit, but failed to apply due to temporary suspension of admission, will not be considered violating the rules of the passport system and stay. No administrative measures will be taken against them.

Drivers who fail to conduct state registration and technical inspection of vehicles, pay fines on time, will not be temporarily fined.

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