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Scientists are working on protection against asteroids

Specialists of Russia and the United States set up a sample of the global system antiasteroid protection.

Scientists Korolev Samara National Research University with colleagues from the branch of the Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS (LPI) and researchers from Emory University (USA) have created an experimental laser installation of a new type, it will be possible to build lasers to protect the Earth from asteroids from which in the future, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the Samara University.

"On the basis of these laser systems in the future is possible to create global systems antiasteroid protection, as well as compact and powerful sources of coherent radiation for use in the industry," - said in a statement.

Moreover, because this type of laser radiation is substantially not absorbed in the atmosphere, they can be used for long-distance communication or power transmission.

Samara scientists are working on the laser in 2012. In 2019 the first launch of the experimental setup is confirmed their calculations. Laser Samara - fifth instrument of this kind throughout the world. Another four are in different research centers in the United States.

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