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Scientists: Earth is not unique

A new study by researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles, proves that the universe is literally filled with planets very similar to Earth and Mars in their composition.

That is the conclusion the researchers came by applying the method developed by detailed analysis of the geochemistry of planets located outside our solar system.

In addition, scientists have determined that the mountain of the Earth and Mars rocks are similar in their chemical composition and contain surprisingly high levels of oxidized iron.

"It was always a mystery why the rocks in our solar system so strongly oxidized, - said co-author Edward Yang -. This is not what you expect to see the main question was whether, if something like this happens around other stars Our study showed.. that yes, there is. And it will be very helpful in finding similar planets to Earth in the universe. "

The work is published in the journal Science, and briefly about her tells Phys.org.

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