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The Tashkent school № 60 got named after Goethe

The Minister of Public Education Sherzod Shermatov and the German Embassy representatives took part in a ceremony at the educational institution on Tuesday morning. 

It was noted that the partnership between Uzbekistan and Germany is strengthening every year. There are 1,677 schools in the Uzbekistan where German is taught as a foreign language. It is by 54 institutions more than the previous academic year. It means that more than 355 thousand students in Uzbekistan speak German.  

The Ministry of Public Education cooperates with the Goethe-Institut Tashkent and German ZfA to develop and improve the system of learning German in secondary schools in the framework of the initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future”.

Last year 17 teachers upgraded their skills through courses organized in Germany. There are annual seminars and trainings for them.

The Minister of Public Education, Sherzod Shermatov, noted  that several secondary schools with an in-depth study of the German language in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara will be named after J.W.Goethe, J.C.F. von Schiller and A. von Humbolt.


Photo by Muzaffar Abdullaev.

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