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Solar power plant burns at 6000 birds per year

Ivanpah - the world's largest concentration tower type solar station . On its territory there are 350 000-heliostat mirrors, and its capacity is about 392 MW. The power plant is located in the Mojave Desert in California.

Incidents are related to the structure and arrangement of "Ivanpah". To catch the sunlight, the plant uses giant mirrors with a total area of ​​12.9 square kilometers, which focus the beams of concentrated sunlight into the boilers at the tops of the three towers of 40 floors tall receivers. Steam is generated, which is used to power turbines inside the tower and then energy is generated.

Otzerkalenny bright light around the towers makes them an ideal place for insects. They attract birds that are getting into the concentrated rays of light burned for a few seconds, said nat-geo.ru.
The station is located along the Pacific flight - a popular migration route for many species of birds, including protected species such as the goshawk.

According to the Federal biologists annually more than 6000 birds  are dying over the solar power plant. Officials assured that looking for a solution, but since the start of the company in 2014, little has changed.
The problem of mass deaths of birds encountered in all solar power plants, and only where it is using the principles of solar thermal energy, where technology is not based on the use of light power of sunlight and temperature.

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