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Tashkent hosts first walk-athon

Ministry staff, heads of medical institutions, and rectors of medical higher educational institutions followed Minister of Health Alisher Shadmanov who led walk-athon that was held at the Milly Stadium in Tashkent.  

Before the t walk-athon start artists and medics presented some facts on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of walking.

According to the World Health Organization, in 55 percent of cases, human health depends on lifestyle, 20 - on ecology, 15 - hereditary factors, and only 10 - on medicine.

- Low mobility is a worldwide problem. Weakness, drowsiness, sleep disturbance, loss of concentration, memory impairment, chronic fatigue, overweight - they are common to all, but not everyone associates these conditions with inactivity, - says the director of the Center for Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle and Increasing Physical Activity of the Population under the Ministry Health Barno Odilova. - By holding a walk-athon the Ministry of Health, urges people to take action. Most importantly, such events will be organized on a permanent basis.

Walking is the easiest and most comfortable among all sports. It has a good effect on the general condition of the body, strengthens muscles and bones, and develops coordination. This type of physical activity is considered the safest and almost everyone can safely do it - from a teenager to a man of old age.

 According to experts, a total of 2.5 hours of physical activity per week reduces deaths by 28 percent, the probability of heart disease to 20 percent. In addition, physical activity activates biosynthesis, blood circulation increases by 4-5 times, the number of heart contractions is accelerated, that gives energizing effects.

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